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      HIPAA Training DVD for Covered Entities and Business Associates

Fully compliant with the HIPAA Final Rule and HITECH. A 2-disc set

Great HIPAA Training on DVD, plus superb HIPAA resources on CD. Each product has a Two amazing products in a two-disk set: Basic HIPAA training for your staff and workforce on DVD; plus, an assortment of essential HIPAA Administrator resources on CD-ROM.

The included HIPAA training covers everything your workforce needs to know about HIPAA in two logical sections:

1. Understanding HIPAA -- the basics of what HIPAA is, what it does, and how it works.

2. Working with HIPAA -- teaches your workforce to work safely with HIPAA on the job.

Plus In addition to the HIPAA Training on DVD, the second disk in this set (CD-ROM) includes the following essential resources for your HIPAA Officer or Administrator...

  • Printable HIPAA Training Course Agenda
  • Two Different Printable HIPAA Training Quizzes
  • Training Quiz Answer Key - used to grade the HIPAA Training Quizzes
  • HIPAA Training "Certificate of Completion" Template
  • HIPAA Training Log
  • Summary of HITECH Changes to HIPAA
  • Summary of HIPAA Final-Rule Changes to HIPAA
  • Printable HIPAA Conduct Cards for Covered Entities

We Include More Than Just Great Training

Our HIPAA Training DVDs deliver great training and a whole lot more. In addition to the HIPAA training on DVD, we’ve also included a second (CD-ROM) disk with essential HIPAA resources you’ll use again and again.

Versions for Covered Entities and Business Associates

Our HIPAA Training DVD products are available in two versions: one for HIPAA Covered Entities like medical providers, and another for HIPAA Business Associates of all types.

HIPAA Training DVD for Covered Entities


HIPAA Training DVD for Business Associates


Great HIPAA Training – from The Original HIPAA Experts

We've been inside HIPAA for over a decade. We've trained tens of thousands of learners on HIPAA, and we've advised HIPAA entities of every size and type and our publications and training are considered the best in the business. Get your HIPAA training from The HIPAA Group and The HIPAA Store and get started on great HIPAA training.